Volunteering at New Govardhana



Volunteering at the Krishna Farm

Join us at the Krishna Village – it’s been designed with you in mind: All year round we have a community of 40-50 beautiful people: WWOOFers, backpackers, retreat guests and spiritual seekers. Enjoy kirtan and philosophy classes in the morning, bonfires in the evening and in between, days filled with music, creative expression and abundant spiritual opportunities. If you prefer smoothies over alcohol, fresh air over cigarettes and fresh fruit over meat, then the Krishna Village is for you!



Who can volunteer at the Krishna Farm ?

We are looking forward to meet you – whether you are a traveler working towards your 2nd year visa or simply curious to explore a simple, spiritual lifestyle that benefits body, mind and soul. All you need to bring is a positive and dynamic work attitude (6hrs/day on 6 days/week), genuine interest and respect for spiritual matters and the commitment to give up cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and meat for the length of your stay.

WWOOF host #: NW096
Bookings essential!

>> To apply as WWOOFer, visit the Krishna Village retreat website <<