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Volunteering at the Krishna Farm

Join us at the Krishna Village – it’s been designed with you in mind: All year round we have a community of 40-50 beautiful people: WWOOFers, backpackers and spiritual seekers. Enjoy kirtan and philosophy classes in the morning, bonfires in the evening and in between, days filled with music, creative expression and abundant spiritual opportunities. If you prefer smoothies over alcohol, fresh air over cigarettes and fresh fruit over meat, then the Krishna Village is for you!



Who can volunteer at the Krishna Farm ?

We are looking forward to meet you – whether you are a traveler, a WWOOFer or simply curious to explore an alternative lifestyle that benefits body, mind and soul. All you need to bring is a positive and dynamic work attitude, genuine interest and respect for spiritual matters and the commitment to give up cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and meat for the length of your stay.

For the benefit of our community we need to make sure that our volunteers respect and support our values around health, spirituality and sobriety. For this reason we use the first two weeks with a new volunteer to get to know each other and see whether we are a good match. After that, you are welcome to stay for any length of time.


What is WWOOFing?

WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is an organization that links individuals who want to work in return for food and accommodation with organic farms. It enables travellers to see the country inexpensively and learn about organic farming. 

(Find out more: www.wwoof.com.au)



What kind of work is involved?

Most of our WWOOFers work in our organic gardens - planting, weeding, watering and harvesting for 6hrs/day on 6 days/week. Veggie boxes & green juices need to be arranged for sale, herb and rose gardens maintained and fencing and carpentry jobs done. Every now and then, artistic jobs come up and here and there, help is needed with our cows and horses. The cleaning team keeps our village nice and tidy and a few times per week some of our volunteers help out with chopping veggies for our cooks. And if you are a yoga teacher, you are especially welcome – giving 2-3 classes per week counts towards your volunteering hours, too!




Does my work count towards my 2nd year visa?

Absolutely! Many of our WWOOFers stay for a few months to get the required hours for their 2nd year visa.



Flexible arrangements: renting or working part time

If you feel like you need additional time for yourself to explore the region, enjoy the nearby beaches or dedicate extra time to your spiritual practice, feel free to discuss flexible work & rent arrangements. For a single room we currently charge $40/day or $250/week. The usual part time option is the Karma Yoga stay, which involves 18hrs of work/week and costs, in a single room, $150/week. Both options include 3 meals/day, and all classes, yoga sessions etc. we offer at the Krishna Village.

Based on these prices we are happy to discuss flexible options, e.g. if you prefer to stay in a tent, or want to work only 25% - just email us and let us know what you are looking for.



Where is the Krishna Farm?

Situated ten kilometres outside Murwillumbah in the foothills of Mount Warning (North Coast NSW), the Krishna Farm is a 900 acre certified organic property with orchards, vege gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance. Volunteers stay in comfortable, clean guest house rooms with shared bathroom facilities.



WWOOF host #: NW096
Bookings essential!

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