Be on the Lookout for Parramatta Grass

Giant Parramatta grass is a robust, tufted, well-rooted perennial tussock related to the other weedy sporobolus grasses including giant rat’s tail grass, American rat’s tail grass and Parramatta grass.


Giant Parramatta grass can dramatically decrease producers’ economic viability and lower land values.


If you see any of this particular type of grass in your garden, or anywhere else at New Govardhana please contact Ajita Prabhu, Venu Gopal Prabhu, or Maha Mantra Prabhu.  If it is pulled out by the roots when it is relatively young we can stay on top of it.  Once it starts forming into larger clumps it is much harder to deal with. 


It is a considerable threat to our cow's pasturing grounds particularly, and to the landscape of New Govardhana generally.  Please be aware of it and either report it or remove it yourself.



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