Cow Protection at New Govardhana

Adopt a Cow - The Path to Happiness


What is the true path to happiness for the whole world? His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the Hare Krishna Movement, has said that the happiness of mankind is directly connected to the happiness of the cows. He stated “Because the poor animals are always in anxiety, humanity is also put in anxiety by different strains of hot and cold wars.”

These simple, gentle creatures eat only grass and produce nutritious satisfying milk, like a gift from God to the world. And and out of love for the world herself the cow produces more milk than her calf can drink. Even her stool and urine have unlimited agricultural and medicinal uses. We also learn from the saints and sages that she is dear to God Himself.



At New Govardhana, our mission is to show the spiritual and material benefits that result from protecting and caring for the cows. To do this, we want to make New Govardhana a place in the world where everyone can see this demonstrated practically. A place where anyone, regardless of religious persuasion, can experience the peace and satisfaction that comes from personally caring for cows - our mothers who have been sustaining us with milk since we were small children. Is there anyone who can say that they have not been nourished throughout their life by that ambrosial elixir called milk?


And practically demonstrating our gratitude to her, not only will we receive her blessings, but God himself will smile upon us in appreciation. Of this there is no doubt.



In 2009, ISKCON New Govardhana invested over $250,000 for the welfare and protection of the cows. (Of course this was in addition to the monthly overhead of $50,000 for maintaining the New Govardhana temple and farm community.)

Projects undertaken have included excavation of new dams and causeways so the cows have ample water and easy access during flooding. We have constructed fourteen kilometers of top grade fencing, essential for pasture improvement and herd maintenance. We have purchased a new tractor, and have erected a barn to give shelter to the cows during inclement weather.



We are establishing a walking trail for the public to come and see the cows happy in their habitat. We have beautified this environment with newly planted gardens as well as hundreds of fruit trees. Veterinarian care, feed, equipment, supplemental minerals and medicine are also significant expenses in the care of the cows. We also provide for those who care for the cows full time.


Would you like to experience the happiness that comes from showing affection to Krishna’s own cows?

Consider this a personal invitation.


We would like to announce the inauguration of our New Govardhana Adopt a Cow program. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful and divine creatures by personally contributing to their care.

For $35 a month, you can join with the New Govardhana family in taking care of the cows.


Besides all the happiness you will feel by looking after Krishna's cows, you will also receive a photo and an adoption certificate suitable for framing. This will proclaim to the world your gratitude and love of the cows and explain that smile on your face. You will also receive periodic updates on how your cow is doing as well as milk sweets made from the milk of your cow.




Also, if you are able to come and visit, we will arrange a personal introduction.

Individual contributions are also needed:


- medicine - $250

- supplements and feed for the winter - $500

- water troughs/equipment - $1000

- training yard for bullocks - $2500

- shelters - $5000


If you have any questions, please contact Ajita Dasa, temple president here or on 0419 645 305.